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DoctorPlus is bringing entire healthcare under one roof; servicing Patient, Doctor, Pharmacy & Lab.
View the Best that we can offer to each one of you (:you as an individual, :you as a dentist & :you as other healthcare provider)

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Searching a dentist near you made super easy. A click of a button would pop-up all Dentists/Pharmacies near you. It not only pops up the Doctor' s profile but also allows you to book an appointment with your chosen dentist.

Doctor' s specialization, their Star rating and number of recommendation would help you to narrow down your search for Best Dentist near you.

Book easy appointment for yourself as well as for your friends and family. We make it even better as our doctors offer Special discounts as well as Free consultation to patients booking online appointments. Patients can also avail various offers listed by our Doctors.

At DoctorPlus, we also send morning notification & reminder such that you don' t miss your scheduled appointment.

In Dentistry, negligence makes the treatment costly. And our continuous effort is to bring cost effective smile for everyone.

At DoctorPlus, profile of patient along with their medical history can be maintained, which gets displayed to all doctors and in turn helps to offer an effective treatment to patients.

Its topped up with e-prescription to patients for Unified Health Record and encourage Go-Green environment.

Plastic money is secure, easy as well as a trend now days. We have enabled all our doctors for online payment with auto-accounting. Every successful payment gets auto accounted to patient' s account. You can also have a digital confirmation of every such transaction for your reference.

It offers comfort of you paying for it online for your parents/kids/family for their treatment; while you are not around with them because of any reason.

At DoctorPlus, we connect clinic/hospital with their nearby pharmacies such that all prescribed medicines can be made available to patient at their doorstep; with an easy click of a button.

Welcome to for comprehensive digital Dentistry!

Many clinics have grown from being one dental chair and One-Two doctor practices to much bigger clinics. Such clinics are more complex businesses with a higher number of doctors & employees.

This new structure has added more administrative duties and responsibilities to the owner/primary doctor. And this structure also leads to bigger accounts & inventory management at your clinic(s).

We at DoctorPlus, will help you have your attention & concentration to your clinical practice while we take care of your administrative duties, accounting needs & patient engagement. We can also help you address your marketing needs to generate revenue.

Appointment management is not just limited to setting up the appointment for you; this is to be extended to have appropriate communication to the concerned patient & the doctor along with a reminder to avoid or reduce waiting time at the clinic' s reception.

Doctor's availability at clinic needs to be further clubbed with Out-of-Office feature to inform patients & other concerns.

For Clinic with multiple chairs & doctors, assignment of appointments to doctors is also an important part of appointment management.

Documenting Treatment Plan is a change in DNA that we would like to induce in Dentistry. In Dentistry,

we generally prescribe Treatment conducted along with its medication details. However, documenting a treatment plan is a correct & better approach; benefits both the patient as well as the doctor.

Treatment Plan is nothing but documenting the actual treatment along with the recommended treatment that the doctor is suggesting or patient is pushing for near future. This postponing of treatment can be because of time or money but negligence towards this recommended treatment may cause an emergency situation down the line.

Developing a system or procedure to collect treatment fee from patient at the time of service; is the need of today's practice. Here are few ways by which DoctorPlus can help you do that

  • Inform patients about their payment dues. [DoctorPlus]: we offer pending payment reminder to patients at your discretion.
  • Get a Credit card transaction machine. [DoctorPlus]: This is good but a recurring expense for your clinic. Doctorplus offers you online-payment gateway as an alternative to Credit card machine.
  • Multiple payment options at their fingertips. [DoctorPlus]: we offer online payment option that can be shared with patient' s parents or patient' s family members for easy payments.
  • DoctorPlus also showcases a Due-Payment symbol at an individual' s appointment.
  • DoctorPlus analytics - Dashboard & reports will help you with a snapshot of pending payment along with an individual' s last appointment date and next appointment date.

At DoctorPlus, we also help you secure your accounts during the transition of your assistant, secondary doctor as well as visiting doctor.

This seems like a lot to take in, but it is business critical. Implement these steps and eliminate risks from your practice.

You can call, msg & email your patients about their visits, payments and their experience. But making this entire process dependent on your assistant/receptionist is a-bit risky as the chances on missing out on communication is very high or may not be appropriate at times.

We suggest and recommend to have system generated application that does the work for you in a systematic way.

DoctorPlus app can let your patients know about their appointments, their postponed treatment plans, payments, discounts, offers and much more. And the entire statistic is available at your finger tips.

Events & Collaborations

We offer this unique platform to register your Dental events, collaborate with your fellow Dentists and view it graphically over dashboards.
Register events, engage doctors, follow-ups, early bird offers, online payments, share event pics and much more; all under one roof.

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Security is at its Best when it comes to DoctorPlus. Entire application is protected at multiple levels to ensure no data leakage.
An exclusive security wrapper has been implemented which multiply itself to control & secure data within the application.

  Best Protection

We are very sensitive and best when it comes to application, data & their protection from intruders. “SSL Secured”

  Server Security

Most comprehensive endpoint security package on the market

  Data Encryption

Data is secured & encrypted at multiple level of security checks.

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Clinic-Doctor-Partner-Patient relationship; its defined in such a way that if a doctor leaves a clinic then he/she leaves the entire data of that clinic there itself.

Your doctors, data & patients are wrapped together in association to a clinic. Any change in the wrapper will automatically create another secured wrapper on DoctorPlus.

About Us

Welcome to for comprehensive Digital Dentistry!


We are energized and really enthusiastic team, focusing to digitize every bit of Dentistry. Listing all the Dentist with their individual Star rating, which is topped up with our recommendation for a delightful user experience. We make it our mission to provide you with a different experience in dental care and change the way you feel about visiting the dentist.
For an individual, Doctorplus is a platform to locate nearby/Best Dentist in your proximity and avail services at a discounted price. And taking it to a next step where prescribed medicines can also be delivered at your door step at an offer price. We offer technology-oriented, patient-focused and relationship-based dentistry with a vision to have unified health record of each individual.
And For a Dentist, Doctorplus is a practice management application; managing & digitizing appointments, payments, reminders, accounting, marketing and much more.

We invite you to visit us today at for a delightful experience in dental care. Learn and explore more of dentistry by digitizing your workplace. Contact us and we are looking forward to meet you soon!


DoctorPlus is a unique dental practice featuring multiple dental specialties and services under one roof, including General & Cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Implant dentistry, Periodontics, Pedodontics, Extraction, Dentures and Sedation dentistry.
Finding & locating a nearby dentist along with their specialization is just a click away. We help bridge the gap between the patient, doctor & other healthcare providers and enrich their experience towards hassle free dental services.

Spread of the application

DoctorPlus is an online application registered On-Cloud and hence can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Its features are configured as per global standards but yet localized to India legislation.

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